Cinematic Memoirs™

In a hundred years, what will your ancestors know about you? How do you wish to be remembered?  By means of Google docs and bank accounts? What steps have you taken to ensure your family history will not be lost?  What is your life and your legacy worth? NASA Physicsist George Gloeckler understood the importance of legacy and had the Invisible Lens tell his story.  

Let your family see, feel, and hear your life story.

Video excerpt from George Gloeckler’s Cinematic Memoir. George is a NASA Physicist and first generation space explorer.

“Life goes on even after we perish. So make sure the legacy you leave behind is full of memories the world can cherish…”

Daniel Springs Words Of Wisdom

Video excerpt from the Cinematic Memoir of Kathleen E. Hauser. Kathleen was a refugee of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

We are an ever-changing society.

Generations are leaving this earth without voices and without footprints. Whether you a career-driven entrepreneur or a refugee of war, you have an important story to tell.

Your life stories, your life histories, start and stop with you. Your struggles, your heartaches, your triumphs, your failures and achievements all deserve permanence.

Share Your Story

Share your story, and allow the Invisible Lens to capture your legacy in poignant and cinematic form. Honor yourself, your family and friends with your own living history – a visual memoir crafted to your liking and delivered in a format to withstand the test of time. 

Our goal is to document the defining moments that changed the scope of your life.  Whether its your family history, or the concepts and triumphs that led to your success, we know how to capture your story.