Philanthropic Films

As a charitable organization, the success of your mission depends on your story. The most effective and compelling resource/tool/avenue to express your story and reach your target audience is through video.

This clip features Archway Housing and Services.  This particular video was shot in just a few short hours during a ribbon cutting ceremony.  We were able to take this event and create a beautiful video that raises awareness, and can be used for future fundraising campaigns.   

Making Dreams Come True

Whether the purpose of your video is to raise awareness, grow your donor base, train and educate, foster your online community, recruit volunteers, or increase fundraising, this medium carries unparalleled emotional impact. It is the most powerful and immediate tool to influence change and compel viewers to ACT.

This clip features Jennifer Adams, “Miss Wheelchair America“.  We created this video to bring awareness to Jennifer’s foundation, and to help her achieve her dream of being a television host.  Jennifer has since gone on to compete in “Miss Wheelchair World” and “America’s Got Talent“.