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The Invisible Lens created an hour long documentary for 1st generation space physicist George Gloeckler.  Seen here, George gives testimony to his documentary / cinematic memoir and how the results have him “over the moon” with it’s success.

We hired The Invisible Lens to produce five short films for a medical awards gala that has become a signature event for our brand. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Byron and Susu. As this was our first time working on a project that involved filming, they helped to walk us through the process. They went above and beyond to coordinate the schedules and filming for five different health systems within a tight timeframe. The feedback we received from the medical systems, honorees, and guests of our event was wonderful. These videos helped strengthen our relationship with key clients and launched a new element to our program. Byron and Susu were professional, attentive, and easy to work with. They took total ownership of the project and showed the type of concern for the finished product and stories being told that one rarely sees in business today. We trust them to represent our brand and look forward to working with them again in the future.


Mary Sutton

Marketing & Events Manager

Hour Media

I have worked in the entertainment industry for over three decades and it is with a relieved and happy heart that I have worked with and will continue to work with The Invisible Lens, Susu Hauser and Byron Goggin. Whether working on a docu-reality series or scripted series, these DP’s  understand the essence of cinematography.

They continually enhance emotions, understand, angles, and movements while making crucial decisions about the look and feel of the show.  Is the series going to be – color or black and white? Will it be vibrant and saturated or faded and “dull”?  Is the camera going to be omniscient and be wherever it needs to be, or is it tied to a character, always showing their POV?  Are we going for a more realistic tone, or a expressionistic one?  Susu and Byron answer these questions with each unique project, so when the production starts, we hit the ground running.

Thank you both for being amazing cinematographers that continually harness the elements and control each and every shot, the smallest and most powerful unit of every film or show!  

Darla Marasco
Executive Producer | Management

“Susu and Byron Are a joy to work with.  Not only do they care very much about the integrity and quality of their work, but they also care about social issues and the well being of others. They are a dynamic, talented and professional team!”

Jennifer Adams
Miss Wheelchair America
Founder, Making Dreams Come True

 We recently had the pleasure of filming in our studio.  Thanks to the talent and expertise of Susu Hauser and Byron Goggin of the Invisible Lens our first time filming was a wonderful experience.  The process was fascinating  – we had no idea what goes into creating a short video – hours of light and camera set up, a daunting amount of equipment, rolling mechanisms, and a myriad of other things we have no names for!   Byron and Susu are award winning cinematographers and photographers, they travel the world together filming for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and private clients – we are proud and lucky to have had them capture the essence of our business.


Maria Apelo Cruz
Mike Jovanovic

I hire Byron and Susu because they are the best in the business, and I know they will get the work done in a way that surpasses all hopes and expectations. They are natural storytellers with a great sense of pacing, and they can create or recreate just about any look you throw at them. My executive producers adore having Byron and Susu on a project because – in addition to their camera work – they are team players, with terrific attitudes no matter the time, the location, or the subjects. They are also happy to advice on budgeting and technical concerns, so they are invaluable to us during pre-production, and since they are also post-production savvy, they frequently save us time in the editing room by suggesting we take certain actions in the field. The Invisible Lens crew makes my job a lot easier, and that is why we try to hire them on all our projects.      Sunny Turner – Line Producer 



My memoir video turned out to be a high-quality product for a most reasonable price. I had never done this before and had no idea what to expect. With no acting experience, Byron coached me, and he and Susu filmed many “B rolls”. Through Byron’s extensive editing and Susu’s use of fantastic background music and archival films, they told the story of my life in just a little over an hour! Every one of the many people who viewed my video told me how great it was.


The filming was done at various locations in the US and Europe during about a dozen days over about a one year period. During these times together my wife Chris and I soon became close friends with Susu and Byron, who are among the most decent and ethical people we know.


Before I met Byron I had no idea that a personal story video was possible and affordable, and the thought of having one done never occurred to me. I am convinced that once private individuals are made aware of this possibility to provide an invaluable gift to their heirs they would contact the Invisible Lens, a pioneer in providing this important service.


George Gloeckler

Professor, Astrophysicist and National Academy of Sciences member. (gglo@umich.edu)



Byron and Susu are my go-to crew, able to handle anything thrown at them and more. As
innovative and creative photographers, story always comes first and they are experts on getting
it. I am repeatedly told by producers and directors how beyond pleased they are with the work
AND work ethic of this team. And I especially appreciate their understanding of the more
mundane aspects of production such as time management and budget. Communication
throughout a project on day to day elements helped to keep finances and schedules on point.
Most importantly, when dealing with blue collar workers, a wealthy octogenarian, passionate
animal activists, a world renowned physicist, scared Midwest farmers, young motorcyclists,
proud Navy men, to name a few, Byron and Susu are able to mesh with each and build trust
very quickly so that no matter their station in life, they are comfortable sharing their words and
life with The Invisible Lens team.

Kathy Williams
Line Producer 
National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel
It’s soooo hard to find real quality DP’s, or workers in general, these days that really care about the quality of their work.   So many are only here for a  pay check and seemingly don’t care whether they make a good impression on the very people who entrusted them to work on their projects.  Dave and I are Godsmacked at the level of your work ethic and pride in which you do and conduct yourselves and your work.
So. I personally want you to know how happy we are that you were able to work with our schedules and give us your, certainly, valuable time.  Moving forward on any new projects that we develop, the very first two people we will search out – BEFORE – any other line item will be you Susu and Byron. I hope that we have a long and fruitful career together. 
Rob Cea
Executive Producer
Surveillance TV