From MJ Atelier:
“The Invisible Lens created this video for Instagram. We received amazing response from this web video…One of our clients actually cried with joy when he saw it”

Cinema for your PRODUCT or BUSINESS

What visual images represent your product or business? How are you representing yourself on Social Media?

Bring your creations to life and connect emotionally to your sophisticated clients with award-winning cinema! 

Connect with your audience and call them to action!  Isn’t it time to have a video campaign that is as professional and creative as you are?

Short Form Video for Social Media!

Is your business or idea new?  Perhaps you have not yet launched your product to market.  The Invisible Lens produces funding videos for Kickstarter or Go Fund Me that can be repurposed and used later for marketing on social media.   Byron & Susu will sit down with you, identify your brand and target audience, assess your current exposure, develop your story and campaign, and deliver a impactful video that will surely return desired results.  


Whether the purpose of your video is to raise awareness, grow your donor base, train and educate, foster your online community, recruit volunteers, or increase fundraising, this medium carries unparalleled emotional impact. It is the most powerful and immediate tool to influence change and compel viewers to ACT.

As a charitable organization, the success of your mission depends on your story. The most effective and compelling resource/tool/avenue to express your story and reach your target audience is through video.

This clip features Archway Housing and Services.  This particular video was shot in just a few short hours during a ribbon cutting ceremony.  We were able to take this event and create a beautiful video that raises awareness, and can be used for future fundraising campaigns.   

Making Dreams Come True

This clip features Jennifer Adams, “Miss Wheelchair America“.  We created this video to bring awareness to Jennifer’s foundation, and to help her achieve her dream of being a television host.  Jennifer has since gone on to compete in “Miss Wheelchair World” and “America’s Got Talent“.

Your CORPORATE EVENTS are important!

Why film your corporate event?  Think ROI.  If you have avoided filming your events because you think it is too expensive, you’ve simply missed out.  The Invisible Lens has made it possible to get amazing quality video mixed with incredible story telling without paying Hollywood prices.  Consider the amount of money you have invested in your event.  Between the presenters, the vendors, the travel, and everything else, your investment is quite large.   Video has the potential to make all of your investments worth while.    

The Invisible Lens created  this video for renowned Interior Designer Kerry Joyce.  This event was part of the La Cienega Design Quarter’s design week in Los Angeles, CA.   The LCDQ brings together thousands of VIPs  from the worlds of interior design, decor, art, fashion and architecture.  Kerry’s goal was to showcase his brand  through various socila media streams and establish his unmistakable presense in the industry.  

Cinema for your CORPORATE Event

Often companies shy away from event videos, thinking there is no benefit to showing an event.  In reality, video can enhance and add a dynamic engaging element to your corporate event and become a vital part of future events as well.   

At the Invisible Lens we won’t treat your corporate event like a mere recording of what happened at an event.  Nobody wants to see that. With a little bit of planning and story telling, your function can become a dynamic media event that goes viral, attracting clients and prospects who want to tap into the creative energy they see in your video.  


Invisible Lens 






There is a silent war brewing between British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. It is a modern day battle of industry vs. environment with larger stakes than ever before.  In one corner, British Columbia’s 9 billion dollar a year mining industry, and in the other corner, Southeast Alaska’s fishing industry which supplies over 60% of the United States wild caught seafood. Voices of the Inside Passage will provide a broad look at the web of issues and players involved in the transboundary mining issue between Alaska and British Columbia and the potential collapse of an already tenuous relationship.





Real estate property listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

So you wish to showcase your 2.3 million dollar custom luxury home in Boulder CO. What is your first step?  Get a drone? Photoshop blue skies into your photos?  Get one of those warped 360 cameras that distort the rooms and attention to detail? These techniques are so far beneath the expectations of your sophisticated client.  Even the most professional photograph or IPhone video can’t stand up to professional cinema.   Will your current content stir emotion in your clients? The difference between professional motion cinema and amateur video could be the difference between timely results and a property that sits frozen in time…much like the pictures that were taken of it.  

Many of todays sophisticated buyers buy properties sight unseen.  Will your current content hold up to that type scrutiny?   Ours will.     With more than 20 years experience in set photography and film, The Invisible Lens is masterful at capturing the essence of every environment.  Marrying both natural and artificial light, we are able to pinpoint our client’s vision whether catering to architects, interior designers or product designers.


Businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.  Not only that, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video and attracts two to three times as monthly viewers.  Let The Invisible Lens work with you to create a stunning web video that will bring you statistics like these.

“This log home sat on the market for nearly 2 months.  The Invisible Lens created this video and the home was sold in 5 days”

Features on Innovation

There are many multi-media hubs about technology and environmentalism.  None bridge the two and feature the solutions of those who engineer them. “The Sustainable” targets the mainstream and embraces the severely underexposed and underserved.  Let The Invisible Lens and “The Sustainable” bring a new level of exposure to your home building innovation and practices.

The Invisible Lens has teamed up with “The Sustainable”, a company that focuses on all things sustainable.  As the world is in need of eco-friendly business/consumer solutions, cultures and practices, this alliance  provides the exposure to the innovators and tell their stories of ingenuity using cutting-edge production value. 

We can help you.

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